AnoPhone VPN Extension (+1yr)

AnoPhone VPN Extension (+1yr)


VPN Plan – Extension for Ano Phone Users:

  • Extend your Private VPN Package with additional +12 month
  • VPN options: Which VPN geo region do you prefer for the mobile data and wifi transfer?
    • CH: Switzerland (max privacy, good bandwidth speed from EU+CH)
    • DE: Germany (good privacy, top bandwidth speed from EU+CH)
    • NL: Netherlands (good privacy, top bandwidth speed from EU)
    • UK: United Kingdom (good privacy, top bandwidth speed for UK and US/CA)
    • SG: Singapore (max privacy, medium bandwidth speed from EU – recommended for Asia business and travelers)/li>
    • (other): For alternative VPN geo locations, just send us an email.

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VPN Geo Region

UK, CH, DE, AT, NL, PT, US, CA, Others (please contact us by email)

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