AnoPhone A3O + VPN

AnoPhone A3O + VPN

(12 customer reviews)


Special Deal – AnoPhone A3O – offer for B2B/Business Customers.

The package contains:

  • 1x setup and ready-to-use Ano-Phone A3O device incl. preconfigured firewall
  • 1x fast charger, USB Type-C with 5V/4A
  • 1x translucent protective case
  • 1x anonymous xmpp account for encrypted private IM/chat communication
  • 1x anonymous sip/stun account for encrypted private calls
  • 12 months subscription for a secure Private VPN (origin country: please select)


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Device Specification

    • Qualcomm 64-bit ARM-based SoC (System-on-a-Chip)
    • Octa-Core Snapdragon 2.8 GHz CPU
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 128 GB ROM

  • KRACK protected WiFi modem
  • modem with 2G/GSM, 3G and 4G/LTE (incl. EU+UK+US+RU+Asia baseband) support
  • biometric authentication
  • 6.28 inch IPS display
  • 3,300 mAH battery, fast charger, USB Type-C with 5V/4A
  • 20MP+16MP cameras and flashlight
  • NFC
  • Dual SIM


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Reviews (12)

12 reviews for AnoPhone A3O + VPN

  1. Владислав

    Клевая замутка! Thanks to you, bros, and greetings to Germany.

  2. Sarina

    all okay

  3. Gerd

    Overall, it is a great deal for this price especially with 1 year VPN. But -1* for shipping fees overseas.

  4. Chris

    Communication and support helped me a lot.

    All of our questions have been fully answered. The telephones were transmitted quickly and preinstalled and more than our expectations.

    5 ***** advice and implementation.

  5. Lexdev Master

    I have purchased five on discount though latest biz bulk deal. all fine and fast as hell through Suisse Vpn tunnel. best ever

  6. C.A.T Offshore

    Two months ago, our corporation has migrated from less secure Blackberry Key devices to Ano Phone products with A3X devices for most of the employees and A3O devices for the board of management. We are happy that the product is easy to use and introduce, accepted well by the users and making our business even more secure by protecting the mobile communication without loss of comfort. Thanks for the smooth cooperation.

  7. Zabra

    bulletproof device and toolset for all my security needs. no worry about medium quality camera, still enough in A3F. for my business i also use A3O with the great camera and amazingly fast hardware tough full encryption. fully satisfied 🙂

  8. Gery0898

    I have replaced my Truphone. Happy to have the secure Anophone now!!

  9. Sub7e53n

    great bulk deal, thx

  10. TAndro

    besten dank!!!

  11. carborse

    Secure, up to date and fast. I’ve been use BB and others. Anophone is my first choice and on top of my best list for secure phones shared in my private blog.

  12. W.Hoyer

    hey, i’d recommend for smartphone users concerning about privacy data protection and security or storing crypto wallet on mobile. if you are a photographer or look for newest iPhone camera and don’t care about sec, then it’s not best matcing. depends on your purpose. a3o is meeting my expectations well and i am not a professional photographer…

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